Asset Project Requirements for MnDOT

This page provides templates for Orbit Asset Inventory Themes in accordance with “Asset Project Requirements for MnDOT”.


Based on Appendix C, the below themes have been specifically created for MnDOT. The themes consists of point, polygon, and area features and have some formulas to populate fields based on the Appendix C criteria. Please consider that this Appendix made need to be referenced to follow extraction methods per Asset Inventory Theme.


Orbit Asset Inventory Themes

Coordinate Refernece System

These Orbit Asset Inventory Themes templates have been made with the CRS NAD83/ UTM Zone 15N. At import, the Theme CRS can be reset to any other supported CRS.

Download Themes

Import Themes


  • Bridge Clearance (BCLEAR)
  • Centerline Table, EdgeLine Table, On Shoulder Table
  • Earth Retaining Structure Table
  • Hydraulic Infrastructure Data Dictionary
  • Linear Barrier Inventory Table
  • Linear Centerline Polyline
  • Linear Roadway Edge of Pavement Table
  • Noise Wall Table
  • Pedestrian Curb Ramp Compliance
  • Pedestrian Curb Ramp Inventory Table
  • Pedestrian Curb Ramp Inspection Type Table
  • Pedestrian Ramp APS Table
  • Pedestrian Ramp Crossings Table
  • Pedestrian Ramp Slope Table
  • Roadway Marking Message Table
  • Roadway Marking Striping (Long Lines) Table
  • Sidewalk Bus Stop Table
  • Sidewalk Gap Table
  • Sidewalk Inspection Type Table
  • Sidewalk inventory Table
  • Sidewalk Obstruction Table
  • Sidewalk Slope Table
  • Sign Clearance Table
  • Sign Panel Table
  • Sign Support Table
  • Termini Table
  • Trunk Location
  • Urban Tree Canopy
  • Utility Clearance Table
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