Plugin to ContextInsights

ContextInsights in Orbit3DM Feature Extraction Pro



A ContextInsights job will leverage machine learning to execute different types of detection in your reality data. There are various types of jobs available in Orbit Feature Extraction Pro:

  • Image 2D Objects: Will detect elements as regular 2D-bounding boxes in images
  • Image 2D Segmentation: Will detect regions in images and deliver segmented raster
  • Point Cloud 3D Segmentation

Each job type requires a suited detector to be executed on reality data


A detector is a frozen model that is pre-trained by Bentley Systems. Running on your reality data through a ContextInsights job, it will automatically recognize elements of interest. List of pre-trained detectors is available here:

A detector is specific to a certain job type. The quality of the detection will depend on the similarity between your dataset and the training dataset’s description.



  • 8Gb RAM
  • NVIDIA Graphics Card > 4.0Gb with up-to-date driver

Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Pro

  • Version 22.1 or higher
  • Bentley CONNECT Edition

ContextInsights Center Engine

ContextInsights Detectors


Python 3.6

Install Python

  1. “Windows x86-64 executable installer”

Phyton Virtual Enviroment

Install Python “Virtual Environment”

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Navigate to ..\Python36\Scripts
  3. Execute “pip install virtualenv”

Python Virtual Enviroment for Orbit

Create Python “Virtual Environment”

  1. Run “create_venv.bat” batch file
  2. Verify message “Successfully installed ccmasterkernel- wheel-0.37.0” at the end
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