Orbit MM Plugins - Install Activate and Start

This page describes the how to install, activate and start using the Orbit MM Plugin.

Orbit MM Plugin


  1. Review the technical requirements : Requirements for Orbit Plugins and Web Viewer
  2. Download from our website https://orbitgt.com/3dm-plugin/
  3. Install as administrator.
    To update the plugin to a newer version, simply install the new version as it will overwrite the previous installation.
  4. Start Host Application
    • AutoCAD Map : Run as administrator and confirm security warnings if applicable.
  5. Enable the Orbit MM Plugin :
    • ArcGIS : The Orbit Toolbar will be visible by default.
    • QGIS : Top Menu > Plugins > Manage and Install Plugins… > Orbit MM for QGIS


To use a plugin, online validation using an activation key is required , see Orbit Online License Lease and Activation.

  • If no valid activation key is available the activation window will pop-up automatically when using the plugin.
  • The activation key needs to be entered only once as it will be cached on your device.

There are two ways to activate a plugin :

  • Request Activation code from Publisher
    Enter the Publisher URL and press validate. If you request the Activation Key from Publisher, you need to ensure the Publisher is configured to distribute a valid Activation Key for the plugin you are using.
  • I have an Activation code
    To obtain an activation key contact sales at orbitgt dot com.

Delete Cached Activation Key

To delete a cached activation key or activation received from Publisher, clear the plugin's Cache :
Right Click inside the Plugin Window > Global Settings > Storage Tab > Delete All > Delete Data.

Connect to Publisher

Use the “Settings” or “Login Screen” button from the Orbit Toolbar to establish a connection to an Orbit MM Publisher.
Enter Orbit MM Publisher URL and User Credentials to get access to a Publication.

At loading a Publication no image will be loaded.
An image needs to be opened from the Map using the Open View function from Orbit Plugin toolbar. Check the Sample data for the Publication bounding box reference layer.

Sample data

Host Application


Use of proper Map and Map Coordinate Reference System is required.
If possible set Map CRS to be the same as the Orbit Publication CRS.

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