Navigate Panorama

Image view on Mobile Mapping tab

The aim of this exercise is to show the user how to open, view and navigate the panorama images present in a run. The user will also be able to understand the Mobile Mapping tab functionalities and the options of the sidebar related to image visualization.

  • Relevant for : 3DM Feature Extraction, 3DM Content Manager, 3DM Publisher
  • Product use for recording : 3DM Feature Extraction Standard 18.1.1


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Preceding Exercises


  • BE Ghent/MMS Orbit Runs


Open view, navigate the images and change preferences using the sidebar

  1. Open run
    BE Gent by Topcon.
  2. Open View
    Open a panoramic image in the driving direction.
  3. Navigate
    Move around the image.
  4. Navigate
    Switch to other panoramic images. Use different techniques, including clicking on another photoposition, use Next/Previous or focus on an object in a different image.
  5. Change overlay preferences
    Do not display photo positions and view information.
  6. Copy to clipboard
    Take a snapshot of the view and copy it to the clipboard.
  7. Auto play through images.
  8. Open view
    Open two images, facing a bridge and open them with only one click on the Map 2D.



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