Map Navigation

Navigate in 2D and 3D Map Canvas

The goal of this exercise is to show to the user how to navigate in Map 2D and 3D. The user will be able to understand the differences between Map 2D and 3D and use properly the available navigation functions.

  • Relevant for : 3DM Feature Extraction, 3DM Content Manager, 3DM Publisher
  • Product use for recording : 3DM Feature Extraction Standard 18.1.1


Reference documentation

Preceding Exercises


  • BE Ghent/MMS Orbit Runs


Navigate in Map 2D and 3D, test the different navigation functions.

  1. Add run
    BE Ghent by Topcon.
  2. Map 2D
    On Map 2D, test the pan and zoom functions.
  3. Map 3D
    On Map 3D, select the point cloud and right click “Zoom to Dataset extend…”
  4. Navigate
    Move around in the pointcloud, by click and drag, rotate the point cloud.
  5. Map 3D
    Test the pan and zoom functions.



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