Getting started with the HTML5 WebClient

The aim of this exercise is to show to the user how to navigate in HTML5, measure and export the results. The user will be able to explore 3D and Spherical view, change the display of the point cloud, make measurements and export the results as .kml file.

  • Relevant for: Orbit HTML5 WebClient


Reference documentation



Connect, navigate, change de display preferences. Measure and export the results.

  1. Connect to a HTML5 publication
    Connect to the demo HTML5 publication available on the Orbit website.
  2. Navigation
    Move to surrounding images.
  3. Change View Mode
    Switch to 3D view.
  4. Change legend
    Change the legend of the point cloud to “Height” (“Resources” > “Point Cloud”)
  5. Change View Mode
    Switch back to spherical.
  6. Measurements
    Measure one pole.
  7. Download results
    Export the results.


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