Getting started with the Flash WebClient

The goal of this exercise is to demonstrate to the user how to connect to a Flash publication and use the available tools for viewing, navigation and measuring. The user will be also able to measure objects and download the measurements as vector files.

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Connect to the 3DM Demonstrator, open a publication and change its layout. Use the geocoding engine, display metadata and point cloud on the imagery. Measure objects and save the measurements.

  1. Connect to 3DM Demonstrator
  2. Open publication
    Choose the publication “Vexcel Mustang”.
  3. Change settings
    Arrange the map position to “Left” in Settings (Sidebar Menu)
  4. Use geocoding engine
    Open a view on the street “Lendkai”.
  5. Show metadata
    Display metadata for the opened image on “Lendkai”(Sidebar Menu)
  6. Overlay pointcloud
    Display the point cloud on the imagery(Sidebar Menu)
  7. Measurements
    Measure two poles using the point measurement and choose “Add to PointLayer” to save them as objects.
  8. Download results
    Go to “Vector Overlays”, “Export Layer…” to download the vector files.


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