Catalog Tab and Extension

The goal of this exercise is to demonstrate to the user how to visualize data using the “Catalog” tab and extension. The user will be able to manage runs and projects by using the Catalog tab, as well as visualize detailed information through the Catalog Extension, tab “Inspector”.

  • Relevant for : 3DM Content Manager, 3DM Publisher Catalog, 3DM Cloud Upload Tool


Reference documentation

Preceding Exercises


  • CA Toronto\MMS Orbit Runs


Explore the Catalog tab and extension.

  1. Add run
    CA Toronto by Optech.
  2. Open Catalog tab.
  3. Close and re-open the run
    using the Catalog tab.
  4. Show detailed information of the opened run
    using Catalog Extension - Inspector.
  5. Remove
    the run from the Catalog.


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