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Map 3D Navigation functions

This page describes the Orbit desktop Map 3D functions to navigate.

Compass Rose

The Compass Rose gives direct access to the frequently used map navigation functions : pan, pan in single direction, zoom and rotate the 3d map.

  • 1 : pan, single click activates the pan function.
  • 2 : rotate map to 0,90,180 or (270) -90 degrees.
  • 3, 4 : zoom in or out, single click zooms with factor 2.
  • 5 : rotate, indicates north direction, double click reset rotation back to north.
  • 6, 7, 8 : Get street (tilt = 0°), oblique (tilt = -45°) and top view (tilt = -90°).
    • Single click to zoom out respecting the extent of all visible datasets.
    • Single click + <Ctrl> to retain the current xyz viewpoint.

Pan and Rotate Function

Use the pan function to move and rotate the map.

Map 3D > Compass Rose > Central Hand

Left Click

  • Double click : rotate view to focus the clicked location, this retains the current xyz viewpoint.
  • Click and drag : move and rotate view around the view center point.
  • Click and drag + <Ctrl> : rotate view around the current xyz viewpoint.

Right Click

  • Sing click : open map context menu.
  • Click and drag in lower 2/3 : move view in xy horizontal plane only, this retains the view Z and orientation.
  • Click and drag in uper 1/3 : move view in xy horizontal plane and Z, this only retains the view orientation.

Special pan functions :

  • Pan in single direction using compass rose, see above.

Zoom Function

Use one of the zoom functions to zoom in or out on the map.

Zoom via mouse wheel gives direct access at all time to zoom in or out the map to the mouse pointer 3D location.

  • Zoom speed depends the distance between the current xyz viewpoint and the 3D hover, the bigger the distance the faster the zoom.
  • Zoom center is the xyz potion of the 3D hover.
  • Zoom direction is be set via the map zoom direction preferences.

Special zoom functions :

  • Zoom via “Compass Rose”, see above.
  • Zoom via map context menu, see Map Context Menu.
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