Actions on Publications

Edit in Viewer

Open the publication as administrator to add resources and change the layout/settings of the publication.

View Resources

Open the list of added resources to the publication.

View Users

Open the list of users that have access to the publication.


  • Login Required: Disable/Enable a required login to access the publication. Add emails of guest users.
  • Maximum Guest Sessions: Set the maximum number of concurrent guest sessions for the publication.
  • Reserved Guest Sessions: Set the minimum number of reserved guest sessions for the publication. At all times, there will be this many sessions available for the publication. The number of reserved sessions cannot be higher than the amount of available sessions. New publications are by default not available for users. Therefore the maximum and reserved concurrent sessions are enabled and set to 0.
  • A publication can be shared with Named Users.


  • Sessions: A List of all the current and historical sessions displaying the user name, start and stop time, duration of the session and information on the user.
  • Concurrent Usage: A graphical representation of concurrent usage by hour, days or week.
  • Total: A graphical representation of publication usage by 'Unique Named Users', 'Named User Sessions', 'Guest User Sessions', 'Public User Session'.


Open the publication URL in a new window. Also available for a third party publication.

Duplicate - Delete - Set Token - Renew Token

Duplicate, delete, set token or renew token of the publication.

Become Owner

Request ownership of a 'External' publication.

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