Storage Nodes & DNS Records

This page describes the DNS entries used by Bentley iTwin Reality Management and Orbit 3DM Cloud solutions. For 3DM Cloud Architecture diagrams, see Architecture & Deployment.

Orbit 3DM Cloud

Data is stored on secured Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS hosted Data Centers. All data is locally redundant. All data is securely stored, direct file access is impossible. All data transfer runs through 3DM Cloud Services and is sent over the internet in a proprietary encrypted form embedded in HTTPS.

Storage (Data Centers, Storage Service)

Orbit 3DM Cloud uses Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS Data Centers. Azure and AWS Data Centers are spread all over the world. Currently available Orbit 3DM Cloud Data Centers:

  • Asia, Singapore (AWS)
  • Australia (Azure)
  • Europe, North (Azure)
  • Europe, West - 1 (Azure)
  • Europe, West - 2 (Azure)
  • US, East (Azure)
  • US, South Central (Azure)
  • US, West (Azure)

Orbit 3DM Cloud can deploy in any Data Center. Contact us if you would like us to deploy on a different Data Center (government-restricted data centers, private data centers, Tenants). An organization can configure its Preferred Data Center, but data can be uploaded to any Orbit 3DM Cloud Data Center. Data is uploaded to the Storage Account of one Organization but can be shared and used free of charge by other Organizations free of charge.


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Bentley iTwin Solutions

Reality Data Management Data Centers

Azure Blob storage IP are dynamic. With ZRS on the blob storage, each DNS has 3 public IP addresses.

  • Asia, South East (Singapore):
  • Australia, East (New South Wales):
  • Canada, Central (Toronto):
  • Europe, North (Ireland):
  • India, Central (Pune):
  • Japan East (Tokyo, Saitama):
  • UK, South (London):
  • US, East (Virginia):


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