3DM Cloud - Capabilities

This page describes the product capabilities.

Upload, Storage

  • Unlimited Data Upload – max capacity defined by the account storage volume
  • Free Upload Tool
  • Multiple Data Centers across the globe

Resources and Data Types

  • Data Sources: Streetlevel Mobile Mapping, Indoor Mobile Mapping, Drone-based or UAS Mapping, Aerial or Oblique Mapping, Terrestrial Scans & Images
  • Supported Geodata Resources: Vector data, Raster Data, Image Data, Point Cloud Data, 3D Models, Meshes & Other
  • Supported Vector data: Points, Lines, Areas
  • Supported Raster data: Color, Greyscale, B&W
  • Supported Image types: Spherical, Planar, Nadir, Oblique
  • Unlimited Size & Number of Images
  • Unlimited Size, Number of Point Clouds & Number of Points in Point Cloud


  • Unlimited Access to Data and Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Data Streaming
  • All up to date OS platforms supported
  • Full 3D Viewing of Point Clouds, Vector Data, 3D Models and Meshes
  • Display Basemaps in 3D View
  • Drape Base Maps on Terrain Models
  • 3D Stereo Viewing of Point Clouds: Anaglyph, VR, Head-up Stereo
  • Backdrops for 3D View
  • Strong Image Viewing capabilities of Spherical, Planar, Nadir and Oblique Images
  • Overlay Point Cloud on Images
  • Overlay Vector Resources on Images
  • Display Metadata of Images
  • Display Vector Resources on Reference View
  • Smart Synchronization and Autofocus on multiple Views
  • Resource visibility per View
  • Various legend options for Point Clouds
  • Various legend options and symbols for Vector resources
  • Screen Layout: Various Setups provided – up to 4 simultaneous views
  • Integrated optional Reference Map
  • Combine Multiple Basemaps on Reference Map
  • Manage Resource Visibility per View
  • 3D Backdrops available

Viewer, Tools

  • Catalog access, System Base maps, Resource selection
  • Resources Listing
  • Various 3D Measurements for Points, Lines, Areas
  • Equal measurement capabilities for every data type
  • Open, Save, Export recent Measurement
  • Post measurements on Host via SDK
  • Tagging & Annotations with Basic forms
  • Add 3D Models from Library
  • Open, Save, Export Annotations and embed in Bookmark
  • Inspect, Select, Query & Search Vector Resources with its attributes
  • Inspect vector data with Investigative Navigation
  • Fly-through animation
  • Auto-Play through Spherical Images with different speeds
  • Take Snapshots from specific Views
  • Combine Resource on a Timeline
  • Create Slices in 3D View & create Measurements
  • Multiple Geocoding Services


  • Share Single Resources and Resource Groups
  • Share with co-workers, stakeholders, teams, organizations
  • Share within or outside your organization
  • Share ad hoc as Bookmarks
  • Create and Share Publications
  • Share multiple Resources in a Publication
  • Manage publication access restrictions and capabilities
  • Organize Projects for teamwork
  • Monitor Usage via Statistics
  • Embed Bookmark or Publication in Website

SDK, API, Plugins

  • Free Viewer SDK Usage and deployment
  • Free Usage of Orbit GT Plugins
  • Single SDK for 3DM Cloud and 3DM Publisher access
  • Viewer SDK has equal Capabilities & UX as in Browser
  • Access to SDK as Free registered Developer
  • Register as Developer on Orbit GT Developer Zone

Admin Console

  • Upgrade and Downgrade at any time: sales@orbitgt.com
  • Billing Agent to control Finance
  • Manage Users & Teams
  • Manage Resources, Resource Groups & Projects
  • Manage Roles and Permissions – Authorization levels
  • Manage Named Users and Guest Users
  • Manage Guest User access restrictions for Publications
  • Statistics Dashboard to monitor usage and fine-tune your subscription
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