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What's New Version 20.5

Highlights May 2020

User friendly and Intuitive 3DM Viewer Interface
Having a user-friendly, intuitive interface of the 3DM Viewer shared by the 3DM Cloud and 3DM Publisher is the focus of this release. Changes to the layout like modified open view icons, more compact UI for sidebars, tooltips at the different options and sidebars, quick access to viewing options, centralizes the attention to the 3D mapping content and optimizes production time.

Unification 3DM Publisher and 3DM Cloud
Streamlining the functionalities and Console for both products is essential to unite the common goal of sharing 3D mapping content. In relation to that and next to the consistent user interface of the 3DM Publisher and Cloud console, the Fly sidebar is added, tags can be added to resources and resource groups, and the option to set a maximum number of concurrent users to a publication are all now included in the 3DM Publisher.

3DM Viewer

New Features

  • Keystrokes available to ease move and navigation
    • Spacebar activates play function when play-through function is enabled from Image View Settings.
    • Up/down arrows allow easy navigation trough images by going to the next and previous image. Only possible when Image View by sequence settings is activated.
    • Left/right arrows rotate oblique imagery from viewing direction N-E-S-W.
  • Double click updates view focus coordinate on all view-modes.
  • Tooltips on Sidebar and View menu Icons
    In the new Viewer layout, the full labels are replaced by tooltips when hovering over the Sidebar and View menu icons.
  • Support for The Netherlands local geocoding service PDOK
    Using the 3DM Publisher: everybody has access, using the 3DM Cloud: only when the 3DM Cloud Organisation is located in The Netherlands.

Enhancements & Usabilities

  • New Add View iconography
    Adding a plus symbol to the icons gives a more intuitive understanding. Depending on the size of the browser window, simplified access directly from the sidebar or a horizontal fly-out from the 'eye-icon' is available.
  • The View icons are expanded with '…'
    An indication that additional menu options are available.
  • More compact UI for Sidebars
    Reduced spacing for various components and an additional setting to hide resource type is available.
  • Full access to publication setup when editing in Viewer
    Publication setup features & settings restrictions are no longer applied in edit mode.
  • Simplified stop and clear measurement
    The options to stop and clear measurements are embedded in the Measurement Sidebar and replace the measurement additional flyout menu.
  • Optimized performance when loading planar image footprints in combination with spherical images.
  • Quick access UI for Display Basemap in 3D and Overlay Point cloud on Image
    The options moved from the resource sidebar to the general sidebar in the lower-left corner as checkboxes. Hover over them to see the tooltip.
  • Optimized relation between Synchronize Views and Focus View
    Make Focus View as an option in the action menu available only when Synchronize View is turned off.
  • General improvements on the use of Time Line functionality.

Bug fixes

  • Open an image when switching floors works properly again.
  • Planar image footprint were available in overlay on spherical images if planar view mode is disabled.
  • WMS service that did not return .xml format in getcapabilities did not load.

3DM Publisher

The 3DM Publisher includes the 3DM Viewer improvements.

New Features

  • Custom Logo on Reference View
    One fixed custom logo can be added on the Reference View of all publications.
  • Tags for Resources and Resource Groups
  • Maximum Number of concurrent users for Publication
    Concurrent users can be limited and more easily managed by setting a maximum via Share. Add the value 0 to allow unlimited access.
  • Viewer logging saved in database
    Option is added to log the Viewer usage in a database of your choice, next to log in a text file. Item that are logged are: Timestamp, user IP, user name and publication name.
  • 3DM Linux Publisher for Java11
    Release of a new Linux Publisher supporting the recent version of Ubuntu.
  • Fly Sidebar
    The option to create, save and open a fly-trough movie is added. Movie will be saved as .o3f format.
  • Arc Map Plugin available for offline use
    By using the offline Arc Map plugin it is possible to connect to the viewer from the Publisher installation.

Enhancements & Usabilities

  • Consistent User Interface in Console
    The unification of the UI consist of 2 parts:
    A. Multiple unifications over equivalent pages throughout the Console: Resource components, Resource Groups, User and User Groups.
    B. Unify Publisher Console with 3DM Cloud Console: Add Users to User Groups, Specs, Separate Setup page for Resource Groups.
  • Hard Reload of Console and Viewer after Publisher update no longer required
    Improved and reduced caching to more easily take advantage of the improvements.
  • New UI to select Basemaps
    A nice and clean UI allows to activate multiple base maps using the checkboxes. Switch between single base maps using the radio option.
  • 'Update Publication-button updates accordingly
    The button 'Update publication' is grey unless changes are available to be saved, then the button is orange. This allows you to actively track if changes can be saved.
  • Set Start/Stop date for Resource Groups
    Timeline functionality can be enabled from the viewer when resources have a Start and Stop date set.
  • Synchronize date settings
    Synchronization between the browser and the operating system when adding the date settings in the specs and tags of a Resource. Both keyboard entry and date-picker are supported.

Bug fixes

  • Editing a resource file via the file browser in the console resulted in the File Tag 'undefined'.
  • The order of the resources in the Resource Sidebar was not saved in a publication.
  • It was not possible to remove all users from shares, all users from User Groups and all resources from Resource Groups.

3DM Cloud

The 3DM Cloud includes the 3DM Viewer improvements.

Enhancements & Usabilities

  • Improvements on the performance of the listing on the publication page.
  • User interface unification on the Company Profile page in the Console.
  • Synchronize date settings
    Synchronization between the browser and the operating system when adding the date settings in the specs and tags of a Resource. Both keyboard entry and date-picker are supported.
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