Snapshot Sidebar

This page documents the 3DM Viewer Snapshot Feature Sidebar.
Orbit 3DM Viewer > Sidebar > Feature Sidebars > Snapshot

A snapshot is an image of the a view of the Workspace on a specific timestamp. All resources that are visible in the chosen view will be part of the snapshot.

The Snapshot Sidebar allows you to choose a view, take a snapshot, review it and save it as a .png file.


Choose the view from which you want to take a snapshot. The selected view will be highlighted with a blue frame.

Click the 'Take Snapshot'-button.


A preview is displayed which can be enlarged or cleared.


Download the created snapshot as a .png file.

Download via URL

The download of a snapshot can be triggered via adding the following parameters to the publication URL.

  • Snapshot: Set to True and the snapshot will be automatically downloaded at launching the URL.
  • View: The view number to be used for the snapshot. For the reference view, enter 'reference'.
  • Filename: (Optional) The name of the downloaded png file. Default value is 'Orbit-3D-Mapping-Viewer-Snapshot'.

Add '?&snapshot=true&view=1&filename=snapshot_download' to the URL to download the snapshot of the view with the number 1. The downloaded snapshot will have the name 'snapshot_download'.

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