This is documentation of an archived release.
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Scope & Possibilities

Discover the 3DM Viewer SDK.

The Orbit 3DM Viewer SDK provides the tools to build a plugin to connect a 3rd party host application and the Orbit 3DM Viewer. It is a two-way connection enabling synchronize, augment, enrich and integrate the 3DM Viewer and host application.

Key Features

Synchronize views

Focus the Viewer to a location the user picked in the 3rd party application. This is also possible the other way around.

Augment the data in your 3rd party application

Overlay vector data representing the 3D data in the 3rd party application. These vector data are the photo positions of a run, the bounding box of the run, the location and orientation of the images that are opened, and even the current measurement of the Viewer.

Enrich existing external datasets

Next to visualizing measurements from the Viewer inside the 3rd party application, it’s also possible to save these as features in an external dataset opened in the 3rd party application.

Integrate external data in the Viewer

Data features opened in the 3rd party application can be added to the Viewer as a separate resource, using the SDK.

Easy to run environment

The Viewer is opened in a tab in the user's browser. Apart from an up-to-date browser and the conditions to run the 3rd party application, there's no need for special requirements to use a plugin made with the SDK.

There is one SDK reference that can be implemented on multiple platforms. Different implementations are available. At the moment we have an SDK for JavaScript, .NET, and Python.

What's in the API

The API has everything you need to :

  • Visualize resource footprints (where is data available?)
  • Visualize field-of-views (where are the views?)
  • Visualize measurements
  • Use measurements (add them to your own layers for example)
  • Integrate with Viewer zoom-to-extent
  • Integrate with Viewer position picking
  • Open a View at a location
  • Focus all Views on a location
  • Add your own objects to the Viewer
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