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Orbit 3DM Viewer SDK

Orbit 3DM Viewer SDK embeds the Orbit 3DM Viewer connecting to the Orbit 3DM Cloud or Orbit 3DM Publisher.

The 3DM Viewer is pure Html5, the SDK available for JS, .NET, and Python.
The connections are established by WebSockets and HTTP communication.
The Orbit 3DM Viewer connects and streams data and/or publications from an on-premises Orbit 3DM Publisher or the Orbit 3DM Cloud.

The Orbit 3DM Viewer SDK is designed to integrate the 3DM Viewer into another host application, with the least amount of work possible.

Unified API

The SDK provides one API reference and is implemented on multiple platforms. This means that you only ever need to learn one API. Different implementations are available. At the moment we have an SDK for JavaScript, .NET, and Python.


There is no additional cost or specific license required to use the Viewer SDK. The right to use the Viewer is managed by orbit 3DM Cloud or Orbit 3DM Publisher via Named and Guest Users.

By downloading and using the Orbit 3DM Viewer SDK, you agree with the terms of use on the development and usage of Orbit GT's 3DM Viewer SDK:

Sample Data

If you have no Cloud account or Publisher yet, you can use our Cloud demo Publications. The same data is stored on different data centers over the world. By geo-ip, you will be redirected to the publications closest to your location:

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