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Vector Resources in 3DM Viewer

This page describes the concepts of Vector Data in 3DM Viewer

Supported Vector Resources Types

Supported Vector Resource Storage formats, see Supported Resources.

Static and Dynamic Resources

Related to loading of objects and labels:

  • Orbit Vector File (OVF) resources are loaded as static resources. The Viewer loads the entire resource at once at first use.
  • Orbit Vector Tile (OVT) resources are loaded as dynamic resources. The viewer loads the relevant tiles only. Relevant tiles are derived from the Viewer's Focus Coordinate.

Read-Only and Read-and-Write

Related to editing Vector Objects and Attributes:

  • When opened in the 3DM Viewer, Orbit Vector File (OVF), Orbit Vector Tile (OVT) and KML/KMZ resources are Read-Only.
  • Orbit Database (ODB) and WFS-T resources can be configured to Read and write.

Related to the attribute value search:

  • OVF and OVT resources support querying of String, Integer, and Boolean attribute values. No support to search Float attribute value.
  • ODB and OWFS resources might have additional support for Float values, depending on the backend server or database.

Vector Dataset Legend

The default legend is prepared with the Orbit Desktop Tools.

Supported Basic Appearance Legend Parameters

  • Point Symbol
    • Visibility
    • Name
    • Size
    • Transparency
    • Outline Color
    • Fill Color
  • Line
    • Visibility
    • Width
    • Color
    • Transparency
  • Area Outline
    • Visibility
    • Width
    • Color
    • Transparency
  • Area Fill
    • Visibility
    • Color
    • Transparency
  • Text
    • Visibility

Supported Classification Legend Parameters

  • Point Symbol Name
  • Area Fill Color
  • Area Outline Color
  • Line Color
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