Local Viewer SDK for Plugins

This page describes how to configure the use of a Local copy of the Viewer SDK, connecting to the on-premises Orbit Publisher, for offline use or to support an insecure connection between Plugin-Viewer SDK and Publisher service.

The plugin can be configured to connect to a local 3DM Publisher. E.g. to be loaded offline, without connecting to the online CDN, or to avoid HTTPS-HTTP mixed content issues when connecting secure Https to the CDN and insecure Http to the local Publisher.

A plugin configuration file needs to be added to point the plugin to the local Publisher.

Underneath is the configuration file for every available offline plugin:

This ini-file has to be copied to the folder C:\plugins on the machine where the host application is installed. Modify 'http://localhost:1111' to the specs of the installed 3DM Publisher.

An extra line default.attribute.value.MyAttribute=MyValue can be added to this configuration file to set a default value for an attribute. In the example underneath, the default value for the attribute 'type' will be 'cable' when saving a measurement from the 3D Mapping Viewer to a layer.

Last modified:: 2023/08/17 13:49