Bentley IMS for 3DM Viewer

Application Location

The application location needs to be identified. This is the URL the integrated application is running on, e.g.
Contact Orbit Support, and provide your application location to enable redirect upon IMS login.

Callback handler

A callback document must be prepared and then made available.
The URL to this document will be used to hand off the authorization code to the SDK.
For security reasons, it also holds the application domain, so it cannot be used to communicate an authorization code to an untrusted domain.

3DM Viewer for Publisher

Hosted on-premises

  1. Edit local file: <Install Dir>/program/wwwroot/viewer/assets/oauth-flow-callback.html
  2. Add your domain to const PARENT_LOCATIONS = [“http://localhost”];
    E.g.: const PARENT_LOCATIONS = [“http://localhost”,“”];

3DM Viewer SDK for Publisher and Cloud

2 Options:

Hosted by Orbit GT

Upon sharing your application domain with Orbit Support, see above. You will receive your custom URL to the callback document.

Hosted on-premises

  1. Add your domain to const PARENT_LOCATIONS = [“http://localhost”];
    E.g.: const PARENT_LOCATIONS = [“http://localhost”,“”];
  2. Host this callback document on a server available for your application users.

SDK Initialisation

To enable the 3DM Cloud (Bentley IMS) login option, you need to provide these options at startup :

var options= new AMap();
let viewer = new SDKViewer("app name",divElement,options);


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