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Viewer and View Settings

This page documents the 3DM Viewer Settings.
3DM Viewer > Sidebar > Settings Icon


The Settings Browser allows the user to make changes to the behaviour of the Viewer, Sidebar, Views and View Gestures. The goal is to allow maximum flexibility to the user, while keeping the viewer UI as simple as possible.

Access to settings can be restricted when managing a Publication.

General Settings

General settings are about the viewer as a whole.

  • Look & Feel
  • Ground Height (fallback)
  • Sidebar Position


Views settings are about how specific views behave.

  • Show Basemap on 3D Views
  • Spherical Photo Search Distance

Navigation Settings are about the navigation gestures.

  • Invert Zoom Direction
  • Gesture Presets
  • Synchronize Views

Measure Settings

Measure settings are settings that relate to the Measure sidebar.

  • Measure Technique
  • Display Unit

Inspector Settings

Inspector settings are settings that relate to the Inspector sidebar.

  • Selection Color
  • Auto-Focus on selected objects

View Action Menu & Quick Settings

Quick Settings allows you to configure up to 5 quick settings. If at least one is selected, a special flyout is added to the sidebar. All boolean settings (on/off) are available as a quick settings.

The View Action Menu allows you to set the availability of actions on the View Menu.

Quick settings can be useful in a Publication context. You may want to disable the Settings panel, but still give the user access to some quick settings.

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