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Install Orbit 3DM Publisher - CONNECT Edition

This page describes the installation of “Orbit 3DM Publisher CONNECT Edition”.


A well-prepared installation will take no longer than 15 minutes.

Server Requirements

Review the hardware and operating system requirements.
Requirements for Orbit 3DM Publisher

Bentley Product Entitlement

Download 3DM Publisher Installer

  1. Download from Software Downloads > Brand: Orbit > Product: Orbit 3DM Publisher
  2. Install in a directory with full access
    e.g. C:\Programs\Bentley\Orbit 3DM Publisher <Version>\
  3. Complete 3DM Publisher Installation Wizards
  4. Close “CONNECTION Client” window without signing in.

Configure Bentley License Client - Server Mode


  • The Bentley License Client is automatically installed with “Orbit 3DM Publisher CONNECT Edition”.
  • To license the Orbit 3DM Publisher, the Bentley License Client needs to be re-configured from the default “Desktop” to “Server” mode.
  • It is not possible to run both CONNECT Edition “Desktop” and “Server” mode licensed products simultaneously on one and the same machine.

Set Bentley License Client to Server Mode - Online Activation

  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
    1. Go to “cd \Program Files\Common Files\Bentley Shared\CONNECTION Client\LicService”
    2. Run twice “Bentley.Licensing.ActivationWizard.exe /serversetup” 1)
    3. Close “CONNECTION Client” window without signing in.
    4. Wait for the “Bentley Login Client” window to pop-up.
  2. Log in to “Bentley Login Client”
    1. Enter user credentials
    2. Wait for “The Login has completed successfully. You can exit now.”
    3. Close “Bentley Login Client” window
    4. Wait for the “Bentley Activation Wizard” window to pop-up
  3. Proceed with “Bentley Activation Wizard”
    1. Choose “Register Server”
    2. Register this machine for Bentley Server Products
      1. Review Machine Name
      2. Select Country
      3. Do not activate “Allow user outside of Bentley Systems Inc to use server”
    3. Add or Remove Products to Activate
      1. Do not add any product.
      2. Verify display, left lower corner red-colored, “Server Mode: On”
      3. Verify display, left lower corner red-colored, “Server Registered Successfully”
      4. Close dialog “Bentley Activation Wizard”
    4. Close the Command Prompt

Bentley CONNECTION Client - Offline Activation

Install Orbit 3DM Publisher Service

Stop and Remove Old Instance

Only one instance of Orbit 3DM Publisher Service can run using the default configurations.
Stop and uninstall previously installed Orbit 3DM Publisher Service. The Service must be un-installed, but keep the previous version <Install Dir> as backup or to roll back when needed.

  1. Stop “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service”
    <Install Dir>/program/bin/ServiceStop.bat (Run as administrator)
  2. Remove “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service”
    <Install Dir>/program/bin/ServiceRemove.bat (Run as administrator)
  3. Verify Windows Services, “Bentley Orbit 3DM Publisher Service” to be removed.

Install and Start New Instance

  1. Install “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service”
    <Install Dir>/program/bin/ServiceInstall.bat (Run as administrator)
  2. Start “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service”
    <Install Dir>/program/bin/ServiceStart.bat (Run as administrator)
  3. Verify Windows Services, status of “Bentley Orbit 3DM Publisher Service” to be “Running”
  4. Verify Orbit 3DM Publisher Product Entitlement
    1. Orbit 3DM Publisher Console, default configuration: Http://localhost:1111/console (password “admin”)
    2. Navigate to System > Connect License > Green, Validated

Copy Private Customizations

Copy private customization if applicable from the previous installation (required at every installation).
These customizations are added manually and do not come with a default installation. Private customization must be manually copied from <Previous Install Dir> into the new <Install Dir> if used.

  1. Stop “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service”
  2. Copy custom files and configurations
    • Cloud Storage configuration.
      Copy files: ./program/config/<cloud-storage-provider>.store.*.ini
    • Java Install options, Proxy configuration
      Copy configuration: ./program/bin/ServiceInstall.bat
      set JAVA_OPTIONS=-Dhttps.proxyHost=xxx;-Dhttps.proxyPort=xxx;-Dhttps.proxyUser=xxx;-Dhttps.proxyPassword=xxx
      Edits to the ServiceInstall.bat requires the the “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service” to be removed and re-installed!
    • Portforwarding insecure 80 to secure 443
      Copy folder: ./program/services/http80
    • Private published files
      Copy private files and folders: ./program/wwwwroot
  3. Start “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service”

Migrate Service Data

One-time migration of Orbit 3DM Publisher Service Data when updating from version 22.10 or older to version 23.1 or higher.
From version 23.1, Publisher Setups are sharing the Service Data folder from the Parent Install Dir.

  1. Stop “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service”
  2. Copy files/folders from the previous installation directory and paste replacing existing files into “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service Data” folder. The Service Data folder is new from version 23.1 and created at the first start of the“Orbit 3DM Publisher Service” in the parent directory of the Publisher installation folder.
    • Copy files: <Previous Install Dir>/server/program/services/http/keystore.*
    • Copy folder: <Previous Install Dir>/server/program/services/publisher_3dm
    • Copy folder: <Previous Install Dir>/server/program/services/wfs (only if WFS configurations have been used)
    • Copy folder: <Previous Install Dir>/server/program/services/wms (only if WMS configurations have been added)
    • Copy file: <Previous Install Dir>/server/program/system/connections.xml
    • Paste replacing existing files into <Install Dir>/../Orbit 3DM Publisher Service Data/
  3. Review HTTP service configuration
    • Edit file: <Install Dir>/../Orbit 3DM Publisher Service Data/http/configuration.ini (port, secure)
  4. Start “Orbit 3DM Publisher Service”
To switch back to Desktop Mode, run Bentley.Licensing.ServerModeSetup.exe --clear
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