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Orbit Online License Activation

This page describes the concepts and requirements of Orbit Online License Activation for product validation, applicable for all on-premises, licensed, Orbit 3DM products1).

Orbit License Activation vs Bentley CONNECT Edition

Since version 21.1 the Orbit 3DM products are available for both Orbit License Activation and Bentley's corporate CONNECT Edition.
Same software, same functionalities, but different product validation.

An Orbit licensed installation is identified by Orbit GT's traditional 3-color favicon.
The Bentley Connect Edition has the Orbit 3DM blue pin favicon.

This documents the Orbit License Activation.
For documentation on product download and activation for Bentley Connect Edition, see


Activation Key & Concurrent Use

  • An Activation Key defines a product, features & capabilities, a number of concurrent uses, and an organization.
  • Activation Keys are managed online, and available via user portal.
  • Product use requires an Activation Key and online validation via the Orbit License Service.

Online License Activation

Online license validation requires outbound connectivity to the Orbit License Service on port 443.
If a firewall exception needs to be set, then use the Server Name and not its IP. The License Service is a scaled Cloud Service and has no fixed IP.

Offline License Activation

Orbit provides an alternative dongle-based Orbit Offline Licensing Activation.
The installation procedure and concepts of Activation Key & Concurrent Use are the same for both Online and Offline License Activation.
An Offline License Activation replaces the need for online connectivity with the requirement to access a locally attached USB license dongle.
Specific terms and conditions for offline license activation are applicable, see Orbit Offline License Activation.

Trial and Demo Licenses

Trial and Demo Licenses are available for Desktop products. Both are subject to license restrictions.
More information, see Trial and Demo Licenses.

My Orbit GT

Customers are able to consult and manage their Activation Keys and Concurrent Uses via

Concurrent Use = License Lease

A successful activation validates product use for a well defined period, the so-called “license lease lifetime”. Depending on the product type (see below), a certain license lease lifetime is applicable.
By closing the application properly, the license lease is released immediately. This allows restarting the application right away on any hardware using the same license. Beware of the exception for the Orbit WebClient SDK (see below).

Via this portal, specific individuals can manually end a license lease. This is required when the application is stopped in an irregular way. In such a case, technically, the application was not able to successfully communicate the end-of-lease to the Orbit License Service. Any use is reported, abuse is seen as a license violation.

Get Access

Access to the portal is granted to customers only and managed via an existing Orbit GT Account. Only the Primary Contacts, being those individuals within the company that is responsible for the use of the Orbit products and licenses, have access.

You don't know if you have an Orbit GT Account or forgot your password, try to login here
You don't have an Orbit GT Account, register here
You have an Orbit GT Account but you don't have permissions to access this portal, request permission via

Product Activation

Depending on the type of Orbit Product, a slightly different validation check is applied.

Orbit 3DM Manage and Extract Desktop

Orbit Desktop Standalone products connect to Orbit Online License Service every time you start and stop the application. By closing the application properly, the license use is released immediately allowing you or any co-worker to start Orbit right away on a different machine using the same license.

Online connectivity is required to start the application and to release your license use at closing the application.
If you successfully started the application the license use is valid for 1 hour. When your license lease is about to expire the application reconnects automatically to the online license service to extend its license lease lifetime with another hour.

After 3 failed attempts to automatically extend a valid license lease the application shutdown timer is displayed. Once you confirm acknowledge, the application will be blocked by the License Manager window in 5 minutes. This give you enough time to save your work or to re-validate your license manually.

In case (1) the application is not closed properly or (2) no successful connection to the online license service could be established when stopping the application, your license will be released once its license lease lifetime expires.

If the Orbit desktop can't be started due to an invalid license the License Manager Window displays the reason of activation failure and how to solve the issue, see License Manager Window.

Orbit 3DM Publisher Server

An Orbit Server operates the same as the above described Orbit Desktop Standalone, differences :

  • The license lease lifetime is 24 hours.
  • No acknowledge and shutdown timer can be used. If the license lease expires the Orbit Server license will become invalid.

Orbit Servers connects to the Orbit Online License Service every time you start and stop the Orbit EOS Service correctly, see Orbit 3DM Publisher Service.
A valid Orbit Server is able to activate a well-defined number of concurrent Orbit Desktop Clients. The Orbit Server is not connecting to the Online License Service to validate a connecting Orbit Desktop Client.

Orbit 3DM Viewer and Plugins

The Html5-based 3DM Viewer SDK and any Plugins provided by Orbit GT developed Plugins using the 3D Mapping Viewer SDK are free of charge and do not require online activation.

From version 18.0 Plugins provided by Orbit GT using the Flash-based Mobile Mapping or Oblique Viewer SDK are free of charge.
The Orbit 3DM Publisher version 18.0 or higher includes unlimited Activation Keys for all Plugins developed by Orbit GT that use the Flash-based Viewer SDK.
Contact Sales at Orbit GT to obtain the configurations for Publisher 18.0 or higher to distribute a valid Activation Key for the Plugins you have developed.
More information about the Activation of Flash-based Plugins, see License Activation Version 17.1.

Orbit 3DM Viewer, 3DM Viewer SDK, and 3DM Plugins do not require individual activation and are licensed via the Orbit 3DM Publisher or Orbit 3DM Cloud they connect.
Orbit 3DM Cloud is not licensed via an Activation Key and the Online License Activation service.
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