Movie Maker

This page describes how to use the extension Movie Maker to create 3D point cloud fly-through movies from the mobile mapping 3D view.

Main Toolbar > Manage > Movie Maker


Map 3D
The fly-through movie is a simulated navigation on the Map 3D following a predefined 3D Movie Path.
All visible 2D and 3D resources are included into the movie recordings as visible on Map 3D.

3D Movie Path
The Movie Path is defined by a list of Waypoints. A Waypoint combines a coordinate and view direction.

Movie file
As of today, Microsoft's *.avi file format is the only supported movie export file.
An *.avi file is limited to 4GB.


Save your 3D Movie Path into an Orbit Movie Maker Project (*.omp).
Create a new Movie Maker Project, open, save or close the opened project via the file drop-down menu.


Manage and create the Waypoints of the 3D Movie Path.

  • Previous / Next : Set the Map 3D View to the previous or next Waypoint.
  • Add : Add the current Map 3D View Position as Waypoint.
  • Update : Replace the selected Waypoint by the current Map 3D View Position.
  • Remove : Delete the selected Waypoint.


Process the Movie file as defined by the 3D Movie Path.

  • 360 Panorama Movie : Option to generate 360×180 panorama movie.
  • Frame size : Select resolution, ratio 4:3, 16:9 and 2:1 (required for 360 panorama movie) are available.
  • Frame rate : Select frame rate per seconds.
  • Fly-through speed : Set fly-through speed
  • Estimated file size
  • Start : Start processing fly-through movie, the Save File window will pop-up to specify the export file and directory.
  • Stop Export : Upon start, the “Stop Export” button allows direct completion of the partially processed fly-through movie.
  • View movie : Upon completion or Stop, the “View Movie” button delegates movie display to the operating system.
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