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Earthmine Offline

This page describes the original earthmine mobile mapping resources for Orbit import.
The earthmine online web services are depreciated. Orbit keeps supporting the offline earthmine panorama images. Data pre-processing is required.

Use the corresponding Orbit Import Template to import the described original data.
It is recommend to read first Orbit Mapping Resource.


Image files earthmine tiled source

  • Image type: multi-resolution cubic spherical images
  • Image files: One image is stored as 132 files in 30 folders
  • File format: *.jpg files.
  • Folder structure: Images in subfolders, example for image 1000027210192: “100\002\721\1000027210192\..”

Images files for Orbit

The original images to be used at import for Orbit are created from the earthmine tiled source images using a data conversion script, see scripts.

  • Image type: equirectangular spherical images
  • Image resolution : Ratio 2×1, default 8192 x 4096 pixels
  • File format: Each image is one *.jpg file
  • File name: Exactly as first column of image positions file see below
  • Folder structure: Images in subfolders, example for image 1000027210192: “100\002\721\”

Image positions file

  • File format: One ascii *.csv file.
  • File structure Rows: One record for each image.
  • File structure Columns: separated by vertical bar | (char124), no headers, with exact order as the example below.
  • Value of Timestamp: yyyy-mm-yy hh:mm:ss.ssssss as STRING value
  • Value of Coordinates: CRS WGS84 EPSG 4326, geographical degrees, decimal notation.
1000027210192|5.98334450504|51.960984946|14.42|191.181803|0.651512|-0.062765|2013-10-24 09:26:19.630000|3.12587|0.002391325682|0.029608358759|0.999558715961|3.14130875366
1000027210193|5.98332931008|51.9609359276|14.316|191.134335|0.335071|-0.407743|2013-10-24 09:26:20.680000|3.14335|-0.008887371216|0.016825842185|0.999818936442|3.11455107033
1000027210194|5.9833152831|51.9608913405|14.35|191.065097|-0.013048|-0.347072|2013-10-24 09:26:21.530000|3.11742|0.010694641026|0.003145693792|0.999937862701|3.08432427854
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