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Verify Asset Objects

This page documents the concepts of Verifying Asset Objects.

Toolbar > Assets > Verify Asset Objects


The 'Verify Asset Objects' workflow is designed for fast and complete quality control of your Asset Resource objects.

Update the asset objects:

  • Attribute editing
  • Add or delete snapshots
  • Add, modify or delete point cloud selection files
  • Change status to Accepted, Rejected or Review

List of Asset Objects

One asset object is selected when using the Verify workflow.

The list of objects to be verified can be changed by:

  • Filter objects via selecting the verify status (All, Accepted, Rejected, To review, Empty)
  • Change the order by ObjectID, Create data or Modify date
  • Navigate to a specific object by entering the sequence number or Object ID

Verify Status

Quality control


The selected asset object can be adjusted:

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