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Spatial Join

This page describes the additional tool “Spatial Join”.

Tools > Spatial Join


A type of join operation in which fields from one layer's attribute table are appended to another layer's attribute table based on the relative locations of the features in the two layers. A Spatial join is a GIS operation that affixes data from one feature layer’s attribute table to another from a spatial perspective.

Source Dataset

The dataset that you are joining to. The output of the join operation will contain the objects from this feature class with appended columns from the join dataset. You can chose the model, if your dataset has more then one

Join Dataset

The dataset that you are joining from. The attributes from this dataset are appended to the attributes of the target dataset in the output based on a spatial relation.You can choose the “Select a model”, The “Select an attributeSet”, or each Select an attribute that you want to join.

Select a model
Selects an entire model to be joined. See: Vector Data Structure.

Select an attributeSet
Selects an attribute set to be joined. See: Vector dataset structure concepts.

Select an attribute
Selects an attribute to be joined. See: Vector dataset structure concepts.

Target Dataset

A new dataset which contains the results of the join operation, you can choose the name and location.


Some little tools to define how your operation will be carried out.

Add joined attributes to
Choose to add the new joined attributes to a new attribute set, or select an existing attribute set.

Overlapping objects create
Choose an action in case of overlapping objects. A duplicate attribute can be created, or two objects can be created.

Overlap ratio criterium
Choose when to consider two objects as overlapping, either when the overlap is complete or also when there is only a partial overlap.


Press start to initiate the proccedure, cancel tio stop the process.

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