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Direct classification on Color-codes

A direct color classification is a special use case of direct classification. This direct color method is frequently used by FME resources.

Hexadecimal Color-codes

The structure of Hexadecimal Color-codes:

Always begin with FF:

For example : Black: FF 00 00 00, Pink FF C0 CB

The first 2 zero sings are for R(ed), the 3th en 4the for Y(ellow) and the 5th and 6th zero are for B(lue)

To calculate the decimal code to use in Orbit GIS you need to use a scientific calculator

Example : White

The Color “White” is FF FF FF FF in the Hexadecimal RGB-code. In Orbit Gis (Graphic Attributes) white has the decimal code -1

  • Change the screen of the calculator onto scientific and choose decimal.
  • Calculate 2 to the power 32 (use the button x ^ y). Save your result with the M + button.
  • First choose hexadecimal on the calculator and then enter the color code.
  • Choose again the decimal mode and reduce the number with 2 to the 32th power (use the stored number by using the MR button)
  • The result is the code that can be entered in Orbit GIS.

Other colors

Color Hexadecimal code In orbit GIS
Black FF 00 00 00 -16777216
White FF FF FF FF -1
Red FF FF 00 00 -65536
Green FF 00 C0 00 -16728064
Blue FF 00 00 FF -16776961
Yellow FF FF FF 00 -256

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