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Basic Appearance Images

Color and Gray-scale Images
Image Transparency Set the transparency percentage of the image from opaque to completely transparent.
Transparent Color Transparent Color Use Tick to activate the use of a transparent color in the image.
Transparent Color Choose a color that should be transparent.
Transparent Color Margin Enter the acceptable deviation (0-255) of an image pixel color from the chosen transparent color.
Sharpen Image See Wikipedia Unsharp masking.
Grayscale Set the color image to grayscale.
Image Adjustment
Brightness Set the image brightness. See Wikipedia Brightness.
Contrast Set the image contrast. See Wikipedia Contrast.
Saturation Set the image saturation. See Wikipedia Saturation.
Compare Click to see the image in default values, click again to view the image in chosen specifications.
Reset Reset the image adjustment specification to the default values.

The “Edit All Parameters” button is disabled, these are the only legend parameters to set for images.

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