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What's New Version 20.2

3DM Desktop Core

New Features and Enhancements

  • User Interface Facelift
    Cleanup and simplification by consistency resulted in a nice and user friendly facelift of the user interface and main toolbar. Access to all Main Menus has been standardized, obsolete Preferences (Constructions, Licenses and Workspace) are removed, Tools and Extensions Menus list only items relevant to the active Map View (2D, 2D Layout, 3D, GL) and, the old-fashioned buffer wizard got updated into a sidebar.
    The main framework dividers are colored in orange, blue or green corresponding the product line capture, model, share.
  • Preset templates for new vector datasets
    Beside a standard vector dataset, various preset dataset configurations are available via the Create New Vector dataset Window. These configurations pre-define the spatial type and relevant attribute structure. Presets are available for Dynamic Symbols Dataset, GPX Dataset, semi/full automated measurements and detectors.
  • EPSG Reference Database update to latest version
    The embedded EPSG reference database is updated to the latest version (9.8.6). Among various CRS definition updates, also the recently defined CRS “S-JTSK / Krovak East North” (EPSG 5514) is now supported.
  • JDBC database drivers update
    The embedded JDBC drivers for MsSQL, MySQL and PostgreSQL are updated to the latest version.
  • WMS resource configuration to ignore DCP
    Configuration update to ignore DCPType. IgnoreDCP (true,false) has been added as setting for .owms dataset configuration file. This setting makes it possible to ignore incorrect DCPType capabilities of web-based resources. E.g. incorrect specification of http / https.
  • 3D Tiles resource driver update to support URI
    3D Tiles specifications allow use of URL and URI image tags. Support for URI tags has been added as an alternative for commonly used URL tags.
  • Auto save 3D measurements
    Via the 3D Hover, Measure Options preferences it is possible to activate “Auto save measurement to recorded dataset”. There is no need to copy to feature. The measurement is added automatically to the recorded dataset if the dataset spatial type corresponds to the measurement. Newly created features replace any current object selection and thus can be attributed or deleted directly.
  • Copy spatial component of 3D Measurement to clipboard


  • Georeference Point Cloud, Edit Point Cloud Legend
    Point Cloud legend editing is added for the new resource that needs to be georeferenced.
  • Esc Button to reset active function to pan function
  • Web-based resources are set italic and grayed out in the dataset list on Map 3D to indicate the resource cannot be rendered on this Map View. The bounding box of web-based resources is excluded to determine the extent of all visible datasets. This workspace extent is used at initial view of Map 3D or when triggering the zoom to top map function.
  • Selecting 2D Measurements triggers Map 2D, opening Map 3D will trigger 3D Measurements
  • Default point cloud legend is created to Convert and Optimize source resource to target Orbit Point Cloud.
  • Add the Spatial Object ID as attribute “ID” if the exported dataset has no Attributes.
  • Open and remove run or project has been made a little easier as the search entry field is directly active to filter the list.
  • Keystrokes for mobile and uas mapping are applied on all opened views, and no longer on the first view only.

Bug fixes

  • Import point cloud having Z value greater than 30,000.
  • Export orbit composite resource to orbit vector file.
  • Conservation of manually added dependent attribute values when updating the resource description via user interface.
  • Display of Map 2D scale bar units when map units are set to Foot or Yard.

3DM Content Manager

The 3D Mapping Content Manager includes all 3D Mapping Core improvements.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Delivery, Clip and Export by Fence or Vector Dataset
    Use a 2D Fence to clip and export a single delivery, or use a vector dataset to generate multiple deliveries at once.
  • Delivery, Merge Runs without unique image file names
    Merge runs that do not have unique file names or photo id's into a single delivery. Unique id's are generated on the fly during the delivery process by re-organizing the image directories.
  • Post collection calibration for boresight or leverarm only
    New options are added to the tool for post collection calibration and alignment of a camera using reference measurements. Correction values can be computed for boresight Pan-Tilt-Roll only, keeping leveram XYZ fix and visa versa.
  • Script to Convert Vector Data
    A new batch script has been added to convert the vector resource storage format for all vector files in a specified directory. Read from and write to any supported storage format.
  • Script to Optimize Imagery
    A new batch script has been added to optimize the original images from one or more mapping runs.

Bug fixes

  • Ghost cleaning process using default DEM parameters.
  • Presentation of trajectory error value on the trajectory graph if the first trajectory timestamp has no error value.

3DM Feature Extraction

The 3D Mapping Feature Extraction includes all 3D Mapping Core improvements.

New Features and Enhancements

  • Pole attachment and tree object formulas
    All metadata results for pole attachment and tree measurements are available via object formulas. Tree height, crown and trunk diameter. Number, height and type of attachments.
  • Pole attachment and tree measurements for Asset Inventory
    The powerful pole attachment and tree measurement functions are added to point inventory object measurements. Both measure functions can be used directly as spatial object measurement or to measure object attributes.
  • Attribute dependent value lists for Asset Inventory
    An attribute value list for which the available values depend on the value of another attribute can be used for asset inventory. Previously only the object inspector could handle uses of attribute dependent value lists.
  • Import and Add local vector dataset to Inventory Theme
    Via the dataset context menu, any local vector dataset can be imported as new inventory theme or added to an existing theme. This is also useful to import or add the candidates of automated feature extraction into an asset inventory theme for verification.


  • Associated detector preferences are visually grouped.
  • Labels and Buttons in the Verify section of Automated Feature Extraction Extension have been updated to be consistent to the linked Asset Inventory Procedure.
  • Cancel button is added to Shape Editor of the Shape Creator Extension.
  • Extend line measurement function is deprecated. The Map 2D Edit tools must be used to merge individually saved measurements into a single object.

Bug fixes

  • Use of Shape Creator Extension for Clash Detection Extension.
  • Save and manage Shapes of Shape Creator Extension in User Data.
  • Correct interpretation of the forward direction of a New Set for Parallel Extraction.
  • Automated pole extraction using large area delimitation.

3DM Viewer

The 3D Mapping Viewer includes the 3D Mapping Core improvements.

3DM Viewer SDK and Plugins

The 3D Mapping Viewer SDK and Plugins include the 3D Mapping Viewer improvements.

3DM Cloud

The 3D Mapping Cloud includes the 3D Mapping Core and 3D Mapping Viewer improvements.

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