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Annotation Objects

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  • 3D Models can be added to use as an annotation in the 3D Mapping Viewer.
  • Annotations can be added to a publication.

Add Annotation Object

Click 'New' in the top right corner to add an annotation object.

Browse to the annotation file or copy and paste the path of the file (Shift + Right mouse click on resource file to copy path). The allowed Orbit formats can be found on Supported Resources > 3D Models.

Specs & Tags


The file location of the resource. The dot indicates the availability of the resource. To avoid performance issues, the maximum size of a model is 1 MB.


Retain the name derived from the original file or change the name of the resource.

The thumbnail is used in the console and the 3D Model library to give a preview of the model.

An online thumbnail can be added by copying the logo URL to Thumbnail Hyperlink. An offline thumbnail can be added by copying the thumbnail file to this folder: …\Orbit 3DM Publisher\server\program\wwwroot\thumbnail. Copy the URL structure http://<service ID>:<port>/thumbnail/<filename> to the Thumbnail Hyperlink. For example http://localhost:1111/thumbnail/thumbnail.png


Add a description to the resource.


Add tags to resources and re-use them for filtering and linking them to resource groups and publications.

Reload - Duplicate - Delete

Reload, duplicate or delete an annotation object. All actions are available on all resource pages.

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