Orbit Publisher CONNECT Installation

This page describes the installation of the Orbit 3DM Publisher CONNECT Edition product.

Server Requirements

Review the hardware and operating system specifications and requirements :

Installation Orbit 3DM Publisher & Bentley CONNECTION Client


Download the Orbit 3DM Publisher product from Software Downloads


Double click the downloaded executable and use the advised following installation path:

  • D:\Bentley\Orbit 3DM Publisher 22.0X.00.01\

Server Mode Configuration of Bentley CONNECTION Client

Bentley CONNECTION Client operates in Desktop OR Server Mode. It is not possible to run both desktop and server licensed products simultaneously on one and the same machine.

Full documentation

For offline (no internet available) Bentley Connection Client:

For online (internet available) Bentley Connection Client:

Summarized guidance on how to get Bentley CONNECTION Client to server mode

  1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator
    1. Go to
      cd \Program Files\Common Files\Bentley Shared\CONNECTION Client\LicService
    2. Run twice
      Bentley.Licensing.ActivationWizard.exe /serversetup 1)
    3. Wait 1 minute
  2. Log in to Bentley Login Client
    1. Close dialog
    2. Wait 1 minute
  3. Proceed Bentley Activation Wizard
    1. Choose 'Register Server'
    2. Review Machine Name
    3. Select Country
    4. Do not add product!
    5. Verify status “Server Mode On” & “Server Registered Successfully”
    6. Close dialog

Service Installation of Orbit 3DM Publisher

Stop and Remove Old Serivce

Required if an older Orbit 3DM Publisher installation (Orbit-Licensed or Bentley CONNECT Edition) is running.

  1. Review custom configurations
    ..\server\program\bin64\ServiceInstall.bat (Edit e.g. with Notepad)
  2. Stop Orbit Enterprise Service
    ../server/program/bin64 > ServiceStop.bat (Run as administrator)
  3. Remove Orbit Enterprise Service
    ../server/program/bin64 > ServiceRemove.bat (Run as administrator)

Install and Start New Service

  1. Install the Bentley Orbit 3DM Publisher Service, read more : Orbit Enterprise Service
    ../server/program/bin64 > ServiceInstall.bat (Run as administrator)
  2. Set User Account “Bentley Orbit 3DM Publisher Service” to Local System Account or a designated user.
  3. Start the Bentley Orbit 3DM Publisher Service
    ../server/program/bin64 > ServiceStart.bat (Run as administrator)
  4. Verify started “Bentley Orbit 3DM Publisher Service”
    Operating System Services > Status of “Bentley Orbit 3DM Publisher Service” should be “Running”

Get Configurations of Previous Installation

From Orbit-Licensed 3DM Publisher version 21.x or 22.x

From CONNECT Edition 3DM Publisher version 22.x

The data path of Orbit 3DM Publisher Service Data is shared with the previous installation, and service configurations for previous installations are available for the newly installed service.

Some special attention is required for custom configurations like HTTP/HTTPS configuration and files manually copied into the Publisher's wwwroot folder.

To get back to the Desktop Mode, Bentley.Licensing.ServerModeSetup.exe –clear
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