This is documentation of an archived release.
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Preferences of Aerial

This page describes the preferences related to the UAS extension.

Main Toolbar > Preferences > UAS

Open Image View

The Open Image View section of preferences allows to: Set parameters like search radius for different ways of opening an image: Maximum distance to search for photo positions at Open View and Maximum distance to search for nearby photo positions.

Define how many images will be opened with one click at Open view: Number of images to be opened by Open View.

Synchronize image View and Map 2D and define if Map 2D will follow the image or otherwise.

Define behavior of jumping over images in sequence with Number of images to be skipped by PgUp/PgDn.

Enable Open automatically new best image near edge of current planar image.

Enable different options of image inspection and opening:

  • Open nearby image via 3D photo positions: open required image by photo position in Map 3D.
  • Open nearby planar image via its thumbnail : the thumbnails will be shown (or magnifying glass icon in case if there are no processed images) for all images closer than 'Maximum distance to search for nearby photo positions' to the currently opened image; image then can be opened by clicking the thumbnail.
  • Open nearby planar image, similar oriented, via direction indicator. Max diff.orientation: at each side of a Planar image a direction icon to open the adjacent planar image that has similar orientation (orientation differs not more than Max diff.orientation) with the currently opened Planar image.

Rotate image to force North up: Images in UAS Mapping Tab will be displayed in a way that North is facing up (if applicable). Images on the disc will not change, this is only visualization inside Orbit.


Display View Metadata
Display Image metadata in the image view: Photo ID, viewing direction and field of view.

Include Overlays on Snapshots
Enables capturing overlays (including View Metadata information if 'Display View Metadata' is enabled) in the snapshots.

Minimum View Depth Point Cloud overlay on Image
Starting value and step of the point cloud legend 'View Depth'.

Minimum View Depth Vector overlay on Image
Starting value and step of the Vector Overlay 'View Depth' slider.

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