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Select Objects on Map

MapCanvas > MapCanvas > Select

Select objects to edit the attribute component (see Editing Object Attributes) or to edit the object itself with the edit tools (see Edit Tools)

Go to Select to read more about other ways to select objects.

Follow the steps described below to graphically select objects on the MapCanvas:

  1. Activate selection by:
    1. Clicking the selection arrow on the top toolbar

    2. Opening the Map 2D Selection menu and choosing “Select”

  2. Click on an object in the mapcanvas to select it or click and drag a rectangle to select multiple objects. To change the selection method, see selection menu.

    Add objects to the selection by pressing the SHIFT button while clicking.
    Alternatively add or remove objects from the selection by pressing the CONTROL button while clicking.

  3. Clear selected objects by opening the Map 2D Selection menu and choosing “Clear” or with short keys Alt + CONTROL


Read on about:

  • Preferences Window : Selected objects and the focus object are highlighted in a highlight color. Specify this colors in the Preference Window.
  • Object Inspector : The selected objects appear in the Object Inspector.
  • Attribute Table: The attributes of the selected objects are highlighted in the Attribute Table view when this view is linked to the map.
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