About 3DM Cloud

3DM Cloud is a product of Orbit GT, part of Bentley Systems.

It is a cloud-based platform to View, Share, Process, Operate, and Integrate 3D Mapping data.

Import, Optimize & Upload Data

Resources need to be well-prepared prior to upload. Once uploaded, resources are directly available for 3DM Viewer. The challenging tasks to import, optimize and upload huge amounts of complex Reality Data are managed by Orbit 3DM Import and Upload Tool or Orbit 3DM Content Manager.

The Orbit 3DM Cloud Upload Tool is a free-of-charge desktop product and provides tools to import, catalog, optimize, and upload resources.

The Orbit 3DM Content Manager desktop product provides additional tools to verify, adjust, re-organize, and merge resources. The product includes tools to automate the data preparation, processing, and upload. E.g. process overnight.

Storage & Data Centers

Storage Budget

An organization has a pre-paid Storage Budget. It is possible to up or downscale by an entity of 1TB.
The Storage Budget indicates the total volume of data that can be stored on 3DM Cloud, distributed over any Data Center.

Data Centers

Orbit 3DM Cloud uses Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS Data Centers. Azure and AWS Data Centers are spread all over the world. Currently available Orbit 3DM Cloud Data Centers:

  • Azure West Europe
  • Azure North Europe
  • Azure East US
  • Azure West US
  • Azure Central Australia center
  • AWS South-East Asia

Orbit 3DM Cloud can deploy in any Data Center. Contact us if you would like us to deploy on a different Data Center (Government restricted data centers, private data centers, Tenants).
An organization can configure its Preferred Data Center, but data can be uploaded to any Orbit 3DM Cloud Data Center.
Data is uploaded to the Storage Account of one Organization but can be shared and used free of charge by other Organizations free of charge.

Data Security

Data is stored on secured Microsoft Azure or Amazon AWS hosted Data Centers. All data is locally redundant.
All data is securely stored, direct file access is impossible. All data transfer runs through 3DM Cloud Services and is sent over the internet in a proprietary encrypted form embedded in HTTPS.

Manage, Organize, Catalog

A Resource or other shareable item is owned by a Named User as part of one single Organisation.

The Named User that uploads a Resource becomes the Resource Owner. The Resource access permission is set to “Private”, meaning only the Resource Owner and the higher ranked user roles such as the company’s Resource Manager, Administrators, and Account Owner, have access to the Resource.

Resources can be shared with individual Users and Teams within the organization or with another organization. Publications can additionally be shared with Guest Users.


One of 3D Mapping Cloud’s paramount features is the ease to share data. Easy sharing with co-workers, either within your team or in another department, even on the other side of the globe. But also sharing with third-party users such as customers, contractors, consultants, and others. Define access to data by setting the right permissions.

Every Resource or Publication can be shared with anyone else, on the level of Named User, Team, and entire Organization. It can be within your organization, or with any other organization known in 3D Mapping Cloud.
It’s also possible to share Publications or Bookmarks with named or anonymous Guest Users.

A Resource or Publication is owned by a Named user port of one Organization.

Projects are made to organize easy access for co-workers. It is not possible to share a project outside your account. To share with people outside of your organization, upgrade the Project to a formal Publication.


A Publication is a snapshot of the current View. It holds the Resources, your Views, your Screen setup, your Point of View, etc. You can control who has access, tweak appearance, and capabilities.

Publications can be private, shared within the organization or shared externally. It helps to go back to a specific viewpoint or relevant situation. Sharing a Publication supports both a) quick, ad hoc, informal sharing and b) well-prepared, custom, formal sharing.

  • Share a preset of data to a third party
  • embed a publication in a website, using HTML iFrame

Consume, View & Integrate

Users and Users Roles

Named Users

A Named User has reserved access to 3DM Viewer and her/his personal Catalog. Named Users is known by a unique email address and is belongs to 1 organization.
The User can View Resources and publications for which they have explicit permission.

Named Users are individually defined users, they are known to the system and belong to a 3D Mapping Cloud Account. They are identified by their unique email address and are part of one Account. These users can sign in and have access to the Console and the Viewer.

Named Users have full access to the Viewer and all its capabilities and they can view Resources for which they have permission. Depending on their Role, they can additionally manage Resources, Publications, Shares on Resources and Publications, Users, and the organization’s Subscription.

Named Users having the User Role “User Manager” can invite other Named Users to join the organization’s Account. Invited users receive an email to accept and complete the invitation process. There can be as many active Named Users as the organization’s Subscription permits. It is possible to upgrade or downgrade the subscription at any time. Named Users set to inactive are not counted.

Named User Admin Roles

A Named User can have no, one ore more Amin Roles

User Manager

  • Invite, activate, deactivate, and delete the Named Users
  • Create, edit, and delete Teams
  • Manage User access & Admin Roles
  • Consult Statistic Dashboards


  • Import, upload, edit, tag, download & delete her/his Resources
  • View her/his Resources

Resource Manager

  • Import, upload, edit, tag, download & delete all Company Resources
  • Create, edit & tag Resource Groups & Publications
  • View all Company Resources and Publications
  • Take ownership of Resources and Publications
  • Consult Statistic Dashboards

Sharing Manager

  • share Resources, Publications, and Bookmarks
  • Consult Statistic Dashboards


Teams are groups of Named Users. A Named User can belong to multiple Teams. Teams can be used to share Resources and Publications. There are no Roles assigned to Teams. Named Users keep their Role in whichever Team they reside.

Guest Users

Guest Users have no reserved access, no access to Console, and can open pre-defined and explicitly shared Publications only. A Guest User is not associated with a 3DM Cloud Organization. A Guest User can have Public access or require to Login using her/his Orbit GT account.

Single sign On

Orbit 3DM Cloud supports Bentley IMS to achieve SSO.


3D Mapping Cloud is a bundle of managed services on top of Microsoft Azure’s and Amazon AWS’s.
Last 5 years, the platform uptime was +99%

DNS Records

Upload and Streaming require connectivity to

3DM Cloud Platform

  • Authentication Service:
  • Portal Services:
  • API Services:
  • CDN:
  • Website:
  • Website Help: kb.orbitgt.com

3DM Cloud Data Centers

  • Australia:
  • East US:
  • North Europe:
  • Singapore:
  • South-East Asia:
  • West Europe1:
  • West Europe2:
  • West Europe3:
  • West US:

ContextShare Platform

  • Authentication Service:
  • Platform services:
  • ContextShare services:
  • API Services:

ContextShare Data Centers

  • North Europe:
  • East US:
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