How to share a Publication in Orbit 3DM Cloud

This video is about sharing with Guest Users a Publication within the Orbit 3DM Cloud using version 21.10.0.

Step by step operations

1. Select the Publication
2. Share the Publication's Sessions with a specified number of Guest Users
3. Share the Publication's link with Guest Users

Log in into the Orbit 3DM Cloud account using the authorized credentials and select “Manage”.

Once inside under “Publications” search for your Publication and hit the “Share” option. This will open a new window containing the “Manage Shares with Named users and with Guest Users” and “Statistics”. Choose “Manage” under “Shares with Guest Users”. Set the “Maximum Guest Sessions” and the “Reserved Guest Sessions” and hit “Apply”. “Login Required” should be toggled off to allow Guest Users to access the Publication without credentials.

Choose “Launch” to visualized the Publication. Share the Publication's link with Guest Users.


The Mobile Mapping Run used in this video can be downloaded from here:
login : SampleData
pwd : OrbitGT!
Folder : Resources > CA

The shown methods are also applicable for UAS and Oblique Mapping Runs by using the corresponding Procedures.


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