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How to create your first Mobile Mapping Run using Orbit Content Manager

This video is about how to create your first Mobile Mapping Run using a customized template within Orbit 3DM Content Manager version 22.04.

Step by step operations

1. Open Orbit Content Manager
2. Import source datasets as a Mobile Mapping Run
3. Proceed with quality control
4. Calculate metadata
5. Optimize imagery
6. Calculate metadata
7. Verify the ready to share status

Under Procedures import source datasets using the template. Select appropriate file for each step. Related data is going to be added to the dataset on the left panel, to Map 2D, to Map 3D, and to the Catalog.

Quality control is part of data preparation and delivery. Permanently proceed with quality control. Always update the project metadata by running “Review image availability” and “Review data for 3DM Viewer”.

Optimize all Original Images of the opened run into Processed Images. When opening an image from a Mapping Resource, the processed image will be used if available. If no processed image is available, the original image will be opened.

The icon indicating the number of Original imagery should be equal to Processed imagery.
The icon indicating the Mapping Run is ready for sharing should be green or yellow.


The files used in this video can be downloaded from here:

  • login : SampleData
  • pwd : OrbitGT!
  • Folder : Resources > BE . Once downloaded use the files from the folders:
    • MMS Original Data > as source dataset
    • MMS Template > as template


Optimize Imagery
Mapping Resource Import Templates > Available templates for download with associated documentation for required files types and structures.
If your required template is not in the list, you can either create your own template or contact us for support.

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