Measure using Point Cloud

The below-listed videos get you started in the use of the 3D Measurement Sidebar and the 3D Hover Preferences, more specifically in the use of the Point Cloud measurement techniques.

Basic Measurements

Semi-Automated Measurements


All videos are recorded using Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Standard. The Hover Preferences and Manual Measurements are applicable to all other desktop software. Semi-Automatic Measurements are only available in Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Client/Server, Standard, and Pro. A full overview of all features is available here: Products Feature List & Comparison.

The technology used is the same for the 3D Mapping Viewer, however, combined with the use of a different interface.

Sample Data

The Mobile Mapping Run used in the video's can be downloaded here:
login : SampleData
pwd : OrbitGT!
Folder : Resources > CA

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