This is documentation of an archived release.
For documentation on the current version, please check Knowledge Base.

VisionMap A3

This page describes the original VisionMap A3 oblique mapping resources for Orbit import.

Use the corresponding Orbit Import Template to import the described original data.
It is recommend to read first Orbit Mapping Resource.


  • Image type : merged oblique frames, oblique image extracted from SLF
  • Image resolution : corresponding metadata description, see below
  • File format : each image is one *.ecw file
  • File name : inapplicable
  • Folder structure : all files in one folder

Image Metadata

  • File format : for each image the according *.dat file
  • File name : same as image file name
  • Coordinate system : any supported coordinated system 1)
  • Flight axes : North-South, East-West


Image metadata, coordinate system : the Orbit Desktop supports all coordinate systems, the Oblique Publisher supports only projected coordinate systems.
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