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This page describes the original Skyline oblique mapping resources for Orbit import.

Use the corresponding Orbit Import Template to import the described original data.
It is recommend to read first Orbit Mapping Resource.


The generic import has the possibility to import 4 cameras.
One camera import requires one set of images and one positions and orientations file.

Image files

  • Image type : Rectified, undistorted images.
  • Image resolution : According camera calibration.
  • File format : Each image is one *.tif file.
  • File name : Exactly as “Filename” value of photo position file, see below.
  • Folder structure : All files in one folder for each camera.

Image Positions and orientations files

  • File format : One ascii *.csv or *.txt file.
  • File structure Rows : Each image is one record.
  • File structure Columns : Comma separated (char44), headers, with exact order as the example below.
  • Value of “Filename” : File name as on disk, with file extension.
  • Value of Coordinates : any supported coordinate system can be used, Long/Lat order for geographical coordinates, decimal notation, without thousands separator.
  • Value of Orientation angles : ASPRS definition (Reference : Nadir, X-East, Y-North), Omega Phi Kappa, degrees, decimal notation, without thousands separator.

Camera specifications

Review and adjust the Camera Settings in the planar[X]/import/import_locations.ord configuration file prior to the import.

  • Focal length in mm.
  • Sensor Pixel Size in mm.
  • Sensor Width and Height in pixels.
  • Sensor Principal Pixel X and Y in pixels from left lower corner.


Raster file

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