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NavVis Desktop Post Processing

This page describes the original NavVis mapping resources processed by NavVis IVION core & desktop post-processing software.

Use the corresponding Orbit Import Template to import the described original data.
It is recommend to read first Orbit Mapping Resource.


Image files

  • Image type: Equirectangular panoramas.
  • Image resolution : 8192×4096 pixels.
  • File format: Each image is one *.jpg file.
  • Filename: Exactly as in image positions file, see below.
  • Folder structure: all files in one folder, <NavVis Process Dir>/pano

Image positions file

  • File format : One ASCII *.csv file, “pano-poses.csv”.
  • File structure Rows: Each image is one record.
  • File structure Columns: Semicolon separated (char59), headers, with exact order as the example below.
  • Value “filename”: Filename as on disk, with the file extension.
  • Value of “pano_pos” coordinates: Projected coordinates, local height, decimal notation, no thousands separator.
  • Value of “pano_ori” orientations: Quaternion definition
# pano poses v1.0: ID; filename; timestamp; pano_pos_x; pano_pos_y; pano_pos_z; pano_ori_w; pano_ori_x; pano_ori_y; pano_ori_z
0; 00000-pano.jpg; 1644454371.893008; -0.002932; -0.066893; 0.996404; 0.982641; -0.006061; -0.033929; 0.182285
1; 00001-pano.jpg; 1644454380.826955; 2.946777; -0.654142; 0.985123; 0.994783; -0.030518; -0.022072; -0.094808
2; 00002-pano.jpg; 1644454393.409810; 0.384609; 1.470403; 0.992010; 0.803203; 0.002862; -0.028672; 0.595009

Point Cloud

LiDAR files

  • File: One *.las or .ply file, “pointcloud.las” or “pointcloud.ply”1).
  • Value of Coordinates: Same CRS as Panorama Photo Positions, see above.
.ply supported from Orbit Release 22.4
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