This is documentation of an archived release.
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GeoSLAM ZEB Discovery

This page describes the original GeoSLAM ZEB Discovery mobile mapping resources for Orbit import.

Use the corresponding Orbit Import Template to import the described original data.
It is recommend to read first Orbit Mapping Resource.


Image files

  • Image type : Equirectangular panoramas
  • Image resolution : ratio 2×1
  • File format : each image is one *.jpg file
  • File name : exactly as “Image” value of image positions file, see below last column
  • Folder structure : All files in one folder.

Image positions file

  • File format : one ASCII text file
  • File structure Rows : each image is one record
  • File structure Columns : comma separated (char44), with headers, with exact order as the example below
  • Value “X,Y,Z” : Same CRS as Trajectory, decimal notation, without thousands separator
Id, Image, Time, X, Y, Z, Heading, Roll, Pitch, Camera, Quality, Line, Color, AccuracyXyz

Lever arm calibration information

  • To reach a good alignment between scanner and camera, the lever arm values for your set-up should be specified during import. An example can be found below.
  • The values are provided by the GeoSLAM hardware seller.
  • These lever arm values must be entered before Create Run, during the first step of the Import Run procedure.


Point cloud files

  • File format : one or more *.las or *.laz files
  • X,Y,Z : Same CRS as panorama photo position file
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