3DM Cloud - Resources

Will we be able to designate a staging area for uploads? (i.e, user’s upload data from district, data is staged, division user applies template and performs qa/qc before moving to production) Users with the role “Uploader” can upload new resources. These resources are available for the “Resource Owner” (initially the Uploader) and user with the role “Resource Manager” or “Sharing Manager”. Users with the Role of “Sharing Manager” can share resources with other internal users or external organizations. A flexible tagging system provides users with role “Resource Manager” and “Sharing manager” to set and organize staging for uploads

What integration is available with OrbitGT via API or otherwise? Orbit 3DM Viewer comes with .net, JavaScript, and Phyton API for integrating the 3DM Viewer into the host application. For each API POC plugins are available, free to download both source documentation as the read-to-use plugin https://orbitgt.com/kb/3dm_viewer_sdk

What is the procedure for files where a template is not available? Templates are required for Mapping systems that include geotagged images. For single data type resources like single point cloud, single textured mesh, … no template is required. If a template is missing we provide generic import templates or can customize an import template based on a well-documented sample dataset.

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