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What's New Version 20.6

Highlights June 2020

Minimal impact comes together with optimal usability having 5 quick-access settings available in the 3DM viewer. It allows the user to find easily the most commonly preferred/used settings without having to open the full settings panel. And parallel the administrator has the opportunity to select 5 settings per publication without having to allow the user to access the full settings panel.

Improved filter options in the Console, combined with expanded logging and improved usabilities when creating new entities like resources and publications make the work of the administrator much easier and efficient.

Go check out the new landing page of Orbit 3DM Cloud. All documentation nicely combined, in line with all Orbit products, and easy to use.

3DM Viewer

New Features

  • Configure up to 5 quick-access settings
    Choose the most commonly used or preferred settings to have easy access from the left-hand sidebar menu. This option allows you to optimize your workflow with a minimum impact. Per publication 5 settings can be selected. Only toggle options are available to select as quick-access settings. This new feature replaces the checkboxes from version 20.5 to overlay point cloud on the images and to display the basemap in 3D.
  • Set the photo search distance
    Reducing the maximum distance avoids opening far away images. The before hard coded distance becomes available as a slider in the Viewing Settings panel. This setting allows easy navigation in for example urban environment and indoor data.

Enhancements & Usabilities

  • Time filter is stored in the workspace
    The chosen timeframe per view when the option Timeline is enabled, is now stored in the publication, bookmark, project and personal Viewer (3DM Cloud).
  • Reset password from guest user login panel
    Easy access via a link to reset your user credentials.
  • Invalid login notification at guest user login panel
    When guest users try to login to a publication with incorrect credentials, a message shows.
  • Black halo outline around the resource footprint/envelope label improves the readability of the Resource name on the Reference View.
  • Oblique views were not focusing to the publication x,y URL start-up parameters. The oblique views were only focusing correctly when the z coordinate was also specified in the URL start-up coordinates.

Bug fixes

  • When using the Timeline functionality, time filters were no longer applied when adding a new view.
  • The quality image resolution was not loaded when stopping the image play-through function.
    During the image play-through, a low-resolution image frame is loaded for optimized performance. When stopping the play function the low-resolution image was not updated.
  • Focus views was not directly applied when selecting an autocomplete option from a geocoding search with enter.
    Was patched for version 20.5.
  • Image resources that are not tagged as basemap could obstruct the reference view when using the resource legend options.

3DM Publisher

The 3DM Publisher includes the 3DM Viewer improvements.

New Features

  • Log up-time
    Logging the period of time that the Publisher is online and active.
  • Log data throughput in and out in megabytes
    Every 5 minutes the amount of streamed data is saved.
  • Log publication access error events
    Acces errors like invalid credentials, no permissions, no sessions available are now also logged when logging is enabled in the System Tab.
  • Use organization logo on any publication
    The general Organisation logo set in the System tab can be used on all publications.
  • Support contact information for Publications
    In the System tab from the Console, support contact information can be entered. This contact information will be shared with the publication user via a pop-up window when an access error event occurs.

Enhancements & Usabilities

  • Page filters are remembered
    When returning to the main page search filter stays in memory to improve navigation between entities of the same type. E.g. when editing specs and tags of multiple resources or reviewing the sharing permissions of a selection of publications.
  • Direct focus in The “Name” entry field
    When creating a new entity, e.g. create a new resource or create a new publication, you can directly start typing the name and use tab to move to the next entry field.
  • Updated UI of Console System Tab.
  • All delete actions require confirmation
    To avoid accidental removal confirmation is needed.
  • Context Menu on Publication Specs pages
    3 dots have been added next to the Publication name on the Specs page to easy access to the contect menu.
  • Updated UI on concurrent uses
    Setting a maximum of concurrent users has become easier with a slider.
  • Tags are added to Models
  • Tags can be used to search
    Tags are not listed yet on the overview pages, but searching on them makes it easier to filter the content lists.
  • Autocomplete Tags
    When typing tags, previously used tags will be shown when text is recognized.

Bug fixes

  • Usergroup permissions were not correctly applied. Users could get unwanted access to a publication.
  • Users with an id > 127 could not get permission to access a publication.

3DM Cloud

The 3DM Cloud includes the 3DM Viewer improvements.

Enhancements & Usabilities

  • Single landing page on the Orbit Knowledge Base to access to all information and documentation about Orbit 3DM Cloud.
  • Deleting guest users logins require confirmation to avoid all permissions are accidentally deleted with a single click.
  • Sign-out from My Cloud is only available from the Console and Viewer.
    The Sign-Out option from the home page of the website is no longer available.
  • Confirmation is needed to remove guest users and guest user logins.
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