Search Field

This page documents the 3DM Viewer Geocode and Object Search Field.
Orbit 3DM Viewer > Sidebar > Search Icon


The Search Field gives access to the selected Geocode engine and the Vector/Annotation Object Search.

Using this entry field it is possible to search for a location and open the closest image. A successful search request will center and zoom the map to the returned bounding box and update the leftmost image view focusing to the requested location. If no bounding box is returned by the search engine the map will only be centered around the location that was searched for.

Geocode Engine

Enter address or location specifications according to the capabilities of the used geocode plugin.
The Viewer Settings allow you to change the selected Geocoding engine. Geocoding services are varied, and implementation cannot be standardized. Therefore Orbit delegates the implementation of a geocoding service to the administrator. Contact your administrator for more information.

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