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Explore Data

You have opened your data in Orbit software and want to explore them.

Available in:

High-level: Overview of 3D Mapping runs and reference data sets

  • Folder structure on your machine.

Mid-level: Datasets

A dataset can be part of a 3D Mapping run or be a standalone dataset. The opened data sets are listed in the Dataset list.

  • Structure of a data set
    • 2D Map
    • 3D Map
    • 3D Map (Map GL) Data sets part of a 3D Mapping run
    • Use the legend editor to change the visualization of the data set on the map.

Mid-level: Image view for 3D Mapping resources

Use the mapping tabs depending on type of 3D Mapping run:

  • Mobile mapping
  • Aerial mapping
  • Oblique mapping

Low-level: Detailed view of a selection of the data

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