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Orbit Server Update 22.X

This page describes the update of an Orbit 3DM Publisher and Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction Client/Server.
Documentation on the installation of a Server, see Orbit Server Installation.

The update of an Orbit Server is recommended to be done in cooperation with the Orbit Support.
Updates are free of charge when having a valid software maintenance contract. Contact Orbit Sales for more information.

  1. Prepare the update.
  2. Respect the procedure as documented below.
  3. Take your time and work meticulously.


Communicate to coworkers

While you're updating, nobody will be able to use the Orbit WebClient and nobody may use the Orbit Desktop Client.
A well-prepared update will take no longer than 15 minutes.

Verify Maintenance Validity of Activation Key

Verify the maintenance expiry data of your Activation Key in the portal.
The Activation Key maintenance expiry date must be later than the version's official release date. The version's official release date can be derived from the version number and is always set to be on the first day of the month: e.g. version 22.1, 2022 January, is released on January 1st 2022.

Download Update Package

Download the update package according your product and current product version from the Orbit GT ftp account.
Verify your current version via Orbit Desktop > Main Toolbar > Help > About > Details

  • Login: OrbitSetups
  • Password : OrbitGT!
  • Update package : download corresponding update package

Create Full Backup

A full backup of the Orbit “server” directory will allow an instant recovery of the Publisher setup, if access to the data files remains the same. The Orbit Publisher “server” directory is around 500MB, including Orbit software, Orbit configurations, and Java setup.

  • Backup Client and Server program folders :
    • <install_folder>/client/program/* (Available for Feature Extraction Only)
    • <install_folder>/server/program/* (Avaiable for Feature Extraction and Publisher)

If assistance is requested Orbit Support will request access to this backup. We do advise to create a proper backup folder :

  • <backup_folder>/<backup_date>/setup/client/program/*
  • <backup_folder>/<backup_date>/setup/server/program/*
  • <backup_folder>/<backup_date>/update_package/<update_package>.zip

Steps to Update

The procedure to update the Orbit Server from version 2X.X to the latest release:

The procedures to update an older version to version 2X.X:

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