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Users & Teams

This page describes the pages 'Users' and 'Teams'.

User Concepts

  • Publications can be shared with users that are added in the console.


  • Teams are groups of Named Users.
  • A Named User can belong to multiple Teams.
  • Resources and Publications can be shared with teams.

Add Team/ Setup Team

Teams can be added by clicking on 'Create New Team' in the upper right corner.

Teams can be edited by selecting the setup action.


Edit team name..


Add a description of the user group.

Toggle on the slider to add a user to the team.

Select “Active” to view team members.

Add User

Users can be added by clicking on 'new' in the upper right corner.

Login + Password

Create a login and password for the user.


Fill in the first name, last name, email and a description of the user.

Import/Update Multiple Users

Click “Import multiple” on the create user page in the top right corner.

Import or update multiple users simultaneously via a .txt or .csv file. Every line represents one user with comma-separated parameters. Add parameters in the same order as in the example below.

Username,Password,Force Password,First Name,Last Name,Email,Description
user1,******,1,Test,User,,This is the description
user2,******,0,Second,User,,This is the second description

The given parameters must match the parameter selection in the “Select Columns” dropdown.

User Specs

Double-click on a user will directly open the user profile page.


Edit user login.


Edit user password.

Force Reset password

Toggle on to force a password reset on the next login.

First Name

Add a first name to the user.

Last Name

Add a last name to the user.


Add an email address to the user.


Add a description to the user.

Usage - Publications - Delete

View user usage, view user publications or delete a user. All actions are available on all user group pages.

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