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This page describes the pages 'Resources' and 'Individual Resources'. These pages can be found under the tabs 'My Catalog' and 'Company Catalog'.


  • Resources need to be well-prepared prior to upload. Via Orbit 3DM Import and Upload Tool or Orbit 3DM Content Manager resources can be imported and optimized.
  • The Named User that uploaded the resource becomes the Resource Owner. Once a resource is uploaded it is directly available in the 3DM Viewer and the access permission is set to 'Private'. The access is restricted to Resource Owner and higher ranked user roles (Resource Manager, Administrators, and Account Owner).
  • Resources can be shared with individual Users and Teams within the organization or with another organization.
  • My Catalog resources list the resources to which a Named User has a explicit permission.
  • Company Catalog resources are resources shared with the organization of a Named User.

Specs & Tags

Double-click on a resource will directly open the Specs & Tags page. This page displays resource information and can be updated at all times except if the resource is coming from outside the organization.


Add a building tag to enable a sidebar that allows switching between buildings.

Floor + Floor Label

Add a floor level to enable a sidebar that allows switching between floors. Make sure every floor has a unique floor label.

An online thumbnail can be added by copying the logo URL to Thumbnail Hyperlink. An offline thumbnail can be added by copying the thumbnail file to this folder: …\Orbit 3DM Publisher\server\program\wwwroot\thumbnail. Copy the URL structure http://<service ID>:<port>/thumbnail/<filename> to the Thumbnail Hyperlink. For example http://localhost:1111/thumbnail/thumbnail.png

Date Start + Date Stop

Fill in the start and stop date of collecting the data to use the resource in the timeline.


Select a timezone in which to display timestamps in the viewer.


Add tags to resources and re-use them for filtering and linking them to resource groups and publications.

Share - View - Become Owner - Dismiss - Delete

  • View a resource is available for all resources.
  • Third party resources can be dismissed.
  • The actions 'Become Owner' and 'Share' are available on resources belonging to the Named User or the organization of the Named User.
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