Create & Import Mobile Mapping Run

This video is about creating your first mobile mapping run using a customized template with Orbit 3DM Content Manager.
The same workflow is applied when using the Orbit 3DM Import And Upload Tool and Orbit 3DM Feature Extraction.
The shown methods are also applicable for UAS and Oblique Mapping Runs by using the corresponding Procedures.

Step by step

  1. Import source datasets as a mobile mapping run
  2. Proceed with quality control
  3. Calculate metadata
  4. Optimize imagery
  5. Calculate metadata
  6. Verify the ready to share status

Used Data

  • The Mapping Resource used for this video “BE Ghent”:
    • MMS Original Data > as source dataset
    • MMS Template > as template
  • The instructions to download: Notes & Sample Data for Tutorials

Reference Documentation

  • Mapping Resource Import Templates. Available templates for download with associated documentation for required files types and structures. If your required template is not in the list, you can either create your own template or contact us for support.
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