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Manage Mapping Runs

This page describes the desktop administration procedures to manage your mapping runs.
It is strongly recommended to read first Orbit Mapping Resource.

Procedures > Administration > Aerial, Mobile or Oblique Mapping > XXX

Open Run

Open an available Orbit Run

  • A previously opened Run or Project will be closed and the selected run is opened.
  • Search and filter the list of available Runs.
  • Open the selected Run via the according button or just double click the name in the list.

Add Run

Add a ready to use Orbit Run as available Run

  • Add one or folder containing multiple ready to use Orbit Runs to the application's list of available Runs.
  • The original data doesn't need to be re-processed.
  • The Add Run procedure is the only way to get mobile mapping data into an Orbit MM Explorer.

Add Run Procedure

  • Run
    Browse and select the orbit_mm_run.omr file in the root directory of the Orbit run folder.
    For runs of version 1, select the select the panorama_positions.ovf
  • Name
    The name of the Run as on disk is used automatically after selecting the omr file. This name can no longer be changed to avoid any confusion or mistakes due to a different names on disk and in Orbit.

Import Run

Import a raw set of data into an Orbit Run

  • The import procedure differs depending the selected import template representing the Mapping resources to import.
    All import configurations like available resources, sensors, sensor specifications and coordinate system are configured and defined by this import template.
  • It is required to prepare the data properly according the template specifications, see Mapping Resource Import Templates.

Import Run Procedure

Complete documentation on the Import Run procedure, see Import Run.

Import & Process Run

Import available original data

  • Import & Process Run is activated when original data is available in the mapping run and the corresponding mapping resource hasn't been imported yet.
  • Every mapping resource has specific conditions to import & process:

Point Cloud

(1) No point_cloud.opc file in the pointcloud directory
(2) One or more original files in the pointcloud\original directory. A priority list defines in which order formats are checked: las, pod, laszip, e57, txt. The link.ini file can be used to direct to another directory including the original pointcloud files.

Camera Photo Positions

(1) No locations.ovt file in the camera directory
(2) import_locations.csv in the <camera>\import directory


(1) No trajectory.ovf file in the trajectory directory
(2) A csv or xml in the trajectory\original directory


(1) No dtm.omi file in the dtm directory
(2) One or more image files in the dtm/original directory


(1) No ortho.omi file in the ortho directory
(2) One or more image files in the ortho/original directory

Textured Mesh

(1) A mesh.json file in the mesh directory
(2) Missing ord, ini or 3dtiles files in the mesh directory

Trajectory Simplified

(1) No trajectory_simplified.ovt file in the simplified_trajectory directory


(1) No envelope.ovf file in the envelope directory


(1) No metadata.xml file in the metadata directory

Edit Run

Re-import data into the opened Run

  • Update mapping resources of the opened Run by re-importing original data files.
  • The initially imported mapping resources are replaced upon importing the new files. If only the photo positions file is re-imported, then the initial point cloud resources aren't replaced and visa versa.
  • This procedure is inactive if no Run is opened.

Edit Run Procedure

For more information, review documentation on Import Run above.

Note for version 17.x

A bug prevents update of a point cloud via this procedure.
To do so apply following workaround.
Delete the existing <Orbit Run>/pointcloud/point_cloud.opc manually prior to Open and Edit Run.
This issue is fixed by version 18.0.

Close Run

Close an opened Run

  • Close the mapping run and remove the corresponding mapping resources from the datasetlist.
  • This procedure is inactive if no run is opened.

Remove Run

Remove an available Run from list of available Runs

  • The selected Run is removed from the application's list of available Runs.
  • The removed Run is deleted from all Projects it belongs.
  • The data files as stored on disk is not deleted, no data is removed from disk.
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